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Game in a Box.

Saturday Night Live

Encapsulate four incredible decades of SNL by creating, designing, naming, and packaging a cohesive game experience while navigating the desires of all parties involved including SNL production, NBC, and the SNL celebrities themselves.

Working on a project for SNL that has such massive scope is what we like to call a “good problem”. Our solution? Find a way to communicate the fun of playing the SNL game itself, which combines trivia, improv, and quick-fire team play, while capturing the raw immediacy of SNL’s writing process and live performances. One way we achieved this was through hand-drawn illustrations of both legendary characters and catchphrases. The illustrations also served to depict the grittiness of New York, right down to the yellow background and gloss black illustrations. These colors are only reminiscent of New York taxis, but also provided a much needed pop of color in crowded retail settings. Once opened, discoverable images of NYC were found hidden throughout the inside of the box.

Aside from design, we were also invited to work with the SNL writers and producers to select and edit the content for the game itself. All of the game components, including the cards, sand timer, and game tray, were carefully considered to create an energetic visual experience. The team spent time on the SNL set to see how the show actually takes form from initial concepts to final sketches every week and incorporated parts of that process into the game itself.

SNL the Game captures the best moments from SNL, packed into a mix of SNL-inspired activities that gets people acting, guessing and laughing out loud.