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Fashion for the home.


The story of our relationship with Missoni truly gives you a sense of the geographic and cultural reach of Commonwealth’s members. Our Milan office has been working with Missoni Home since 1987, when we were given the assignment to help them launch their new collection as a lifestyle home brand. Luckily for us Missoni’s gorgeous patterns and Italian craftsmanship made finding inspiration a true pleasure. Grounded in storytelling through design, the team’s goal has remained the same throughout the years: connect the consumer to the collection, whether it be through one iconic pattern or an entire room of pieces.

Once the story and direction have been decided upon, the team creates an artfully designed group of collateral for the year based off of their initial concepts. Pieces have included an imagebook, product brochures, trade materials, print advertising and digital media. Once assembled, all collateral is brought together at the yearly Milan and Paris Home Fairs, where the team continues to create additional communication pieces, environments, and digital content.