Commonwealth | Established 1900. Seriously.

Established 1900. Seriously.

Boyd’s Coffee

With the evolving coffee culture and decades of focus on food service, Boyd’s found their brand adrift. Searching for relevance, Boyd’s engaged Commonwealth to help reinvigorate their 100 plus year life. The work began with research and a strategic reset that would provide a foundation for the work to follow.

Because their long history, we took an archeologists approach, digging through warehouse archives, storage closets, and boxes and boxes of photos, as well as interviewing employees, friends and family members, uncovering bits of DNA along the way. The discovery phase payed off in a wealth of artifacts, stories, tenets, and inspiration, surprising most at the company as they had neither recollection nor knowledge of what was found. Next, we initiated research focused on contemporary coffee market, culture and rituals of todays consumers. The goal here was to discover intersections between today’s coffee consumers and Boyd’s. We knew this would be critical to building a platform that was not only strategically sound and relevant, but authentic and unique to Boyd’s. We plotted out the historical discoveries, along with our research, in order to highlight the “truths” we found.

By illustrating the correlation between Boyd’s heritage, today’s cultural values and consumer demand, we were able to successfully align the contemporary with the historic. This evidence provided the momentum and alignment needed to develop the strategic vision, brand pillars, voice, and allowed us to begin to explore visual language and expression, resulting in a rich, authentic, and relevant brand platform.