Commonwealth | Life’s Operating System.

Life’s Operating System.


Asurion approached Commonwealth to develop and launch a new brand vision for the company at the annual CES. The brief was to create and design an architectural corner stone and immersive brand experience for the unveiling of the brand.

The recent merger with N.E.W. required the creation of a cohesive vision and brand, as well as complete restructuring, alignment and packaging of consumer and retail offerings. All to be launched in less than five months. To achieve this, several firms and internal groups were invited to collaborate, working together in concert as a single entity.

Through this often chaotic yet collaborative process we developed the brand platform “Life’s Operating System”, which for the first time concisely communicated Asurion’s unique positioning. Together we painstakingly fine-tuned this rich concept across all brand touch-points and communication media including print, digital, social and physical experience.

At CES in Las Vegas, our work came to life as a metaphorical “piazza”. The concept represented a central place where people come to refresh, recharge, connect and experience “Life’s Operating System” firsthand. Not only did it successfully inform and befriend customers, but the experience provided the unexpected result, unifying employees under the new vision, illustrating the relevance of what Asurion brings to every customers life.